Czech Republic

Capital: Prague ♦ Population: 10.6 million ♦ Currency: The Czech Koruna (Kč) ♦ Language: Czech

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Prague: so historically beautiful, be sure to check out the Charles bridge and medieval old town

Český Krumlov: a quaint old town with an outstanding castle dating all the way back to the 13th century

Karlovy Vary: a resort town with numerous thermal springs

Brno: known for its modern buildings and beautiful architecture. Lots going on but retains an extremely chilled vibe.

Did you know?

  • Prague is the only major city in Europe that wasn’t extensively bombed in World War 2.
  • Czechs consume the most per capita in the world. Pilsner-style beers are their most famous brew.
  • Prague Castle is the largest in the world and is open to visitors
  • Lots of national parks around the country, so there is plenty to explore.

Useful tips

  • The Czech Republic is an extremely cheap country. It is a good place to live up large when you are travelling on a budget as it won’t dip into the wallet anywhere near as much as other European countries.
  • Although violence rates tend to be low in Prague, keep your wits about you as there are lots of stag dos and drunken hooligans about the place.
  • I thought the cuisine was overall quite stodgy, or in a more flattering light, hearty and warming. Think stews, goulashes and casseroles.
  • The markets at festive season (for example Easter and Christmas) are truly something special.