A day trip to Colmar

To Colmar we went, on an endeavour

The sights we saw, I’ll remember forever

It was charming, quaint and all things cute

To say anything but, would only be moot.

We came from Strasbourg, 30 minutes by train

To book in advance, not much is gained

Buy at the station, €13.20 a pop

It gets you there quickly, there are no other stops.

Petite Venice was the first place we went,

Canals and cute houses around every bend

We took a wee tour, on a wee wooden boat

Packed like sardines, I was amazed we did float.

Prettiest of all, was the Fisherman’s Quay

All our cameras were flashing in glee

Yellow for the bread shops and the fish ones were blue

The colours of the shops were naught but a clue.

The old centre itself was yet another sight

We saw it in day time but oh to see it at night

The dainty shutters and cobblestoned streets

Are where magic and reality really do meet.

Lunch was traditional Alsatian fare,

Quiche and flammenkuchen are quite the pair

A man from NZ was in charge where we ate

It was yummy and relaxing, so thumbs up mate.

One day in Colmar was sufficient for our needs

It didn’t take long to complete all our deeds

Its beauty did not leave much to be desired

It would indeed be a wonderful place to retire!

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