Video: A time to reminisce…

This time two years ago I was in London, UK. Losing my phone in Greece less than 24 hours before I flew out for London was stressful in itself; let alone combining this with the fact that that same flight marked the beginning of my solo journey through Europe (apparently phoneless), and upon arriving in England I was detained in customs for being an apparent “overstayer” (I wasn’t, I’d just had my passport stolen with my student visa, so my current passport provided no information about when I arrived in Europe). At least, I had arrived in an English speaking country! I was a week late for Wimbledon: Petra Kvitova and Novak Djokovic had just walked away with the singles trophies,  but that didn’t stop me from having a tour of the magnificent grounds. Two years later and neither Petra nor Novak featured in even the quarter-finals at Wimbledon; England has officially removed itself from the European Union and I have a real full-time job in the world’s coolest little capital. My morning ritual of checking social media has led to weeks of me suffering from what my friends and family must have felt two years ago when they saw photos of me gallivanting through a European summer and flaunting my fun on Facebook. I have never known more people than I do now to be living in London (or otherwise abroad) and seemingly having the time of their life – so I thought, what better opportunity to reminisce on the fun I had in London when I was there too!?


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