Berlin wasn’t built in a day

Berlin is massive. Like, huge. Fun fact being that geographically, it’s nine times bigger than Paris. I definitely had to pick out the activities I most wanted to do. Last time I was here I did a fair range of stuff, including Sachenhausen, so I was keen to find some different sights this time around. Some of the best things I did during my four days include:

The East Side Gallery. A must do, especially when travelling with people who have never been to Berlin before. A pleasant 1.3km stroll along a stretch of the remaining wall now covered in murals is really interesting and also highly picturesque. We also then crossed the bridge and meandered through the trendy Kreuzberg, packed with yum eateries and cool bars. 

Berlin Tempelhof. This abandoned airport used to be where supplies were dropped to the occupants of West Berlin. It’s abandonment has resulted in the tarmac and outdoor areas being converted into a park, with the odd neglected airplane about the place. The terminal is only accessible by guided tour. Tempelhof is also now home to numerous refugees. We tied our visit in with brunch at Cafe Isla for fancy variations of eggs on toast. 

Monkey Bar and the Berlin Zoo. Two different days, but closely related. The Monkey Bar is located on the top of the Bikini Berlin mall (in the general vicinity of KaWaDe, Europe’s largest shopping mall) and is an amazing bar with ceiling to floor windows over the monkey enclosures. Watching the animals playing below convinced me I wanted to go the zoo too. With pandas, rhinos, hippos and a polar bear, for €15.50 it was one of the better value zoos I’ve visited in awhile!

Mauerpark and the Death Strip. More history, Mauerpark is also a good spot for exercising or come evening, karaoke. There is another stretch of the Berlin Wall as well as lots of informative displays. Lots of people are going between the two so it’s quite easy to follow the general crowd along the main road. 

Berlin’s a cool city just for wandering. Once Andy left for Budapest, I spent a bit of time just ambling the neighbourhoods and sprawling parks with my book in tow. I had a great time, although one thing I am glad to have a break from is hostel accommodation. Sharing a room with seven others (in a party hostel mind you) sure gets quite tiring after 5 nights! 


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