Bundi is located in India’s northwest, and is most famed for its beautiful architecture. It has several ornate forts, palaces and step-well reservoirs which are known as baoris. I celebrated my birthday here, and wow, what a place to turn 27. I think it was the hottest day we had in India, clocking in at a solid 37°C. No kidding, it was basically too hot to function. Some of us didn’t, and actually bailed on the sightseeing early.

Its smaller size meant it was quite a pleasant town to wander the streets; there was comparatively less traffic to the rest of India, and the building themselves were all quite quaint. The roads are atrocious; there were so many potholes that I actually preferred to walk from A to B – I was scared I was going to crack a rib in a rickshaw.

The two main sites to visit are the Bundi Palace and the Bundi Fort. The Bundi Fort was constructed in 1354 AD and overlooks the city. It contains a step-well that is 45m deep; built in 1699 it was one of the largest functioning step-wells in Rajasthan. The Palace is very beautiful, but it quite rundown. It was quite a way from the city and we had to walk up quite a big hill. The views were amazing but it was pretty hot. There were lots of frescoes and the garden was very well looked after.

We came to Bundi by train from Udaipur (4 hours). Because there isn’t that much to do here it is a pretty easy place to skip from a planned itinerary, but I really appreciated going somewhere that felt less like a big city and more like a large village.

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