Camping on Galiano

A weekend away with a group of friends is not only a lot of fun, but also really good for the soul. This is probably particularly so during Covid times, where it can be pretty easy to feel isolated. Throw in some sunshine, some hearty food and some sweet tunes, and it’s a recipe for a fantastic weekend. 

We headed to Galiano Island and camped for two nights, camping being something that I hadn’t done in a while. Andy and I had to borrow a fair bit, but between the seven of us we were well equipped. After pitching our tents in near darkness, we lit a wee campfire and let the relaxing begin.

Casting an eye around our circle of friends, I couldn’t help but reflect on the good fortune we’d had in meeting these people so shortly after we arrived in Vancouver. We were invited to a Christmas dinner and over turkey and craft beer we secured ourselves what would become some firm friends. Almost 6 months to the day, here we were. Still sipping craft beer, but this time around the campfire, with what are now some of my favourite people.

My excitement to sleep in a tent wore off rapidly as I spent the night shivering in my sleeping bag, trying not to move too much so that Andy didn’t bounce off the airbed. I felt bad complaining as I was significantly better off than Andy: he had brought neither a proper sleeping bag nor a pillow (I did warn him!). We learnt from our mistakes the first night and had a significantly better sleep the next night… although the third night (back in Vancouver) was definitely our best sleep of the weekend!

My favourite cures for tiredness are sunshine and coffee. We were blessed with bucket loads of both, all weekend long. We also ate extremely well: pancakes for breakfast, pulled pork sandwiches for lunch and black bean burgers for dinner. I had to take serious care at each meal not to overeat, because I knew that the next meal was also one to get excited about!

We didn’t stray far from the campsite all weekend. The weather was glorious and we just hung out by the beach (I went for my first Canadian ocean swim!), playing in the water and on the sand. It was the first time for a long time that the water was bright blue and the sand golden white. It felt like we were somewhere far more tropical than Canada! 

After lazing in the sun and watching it set magnificently across the water, I had time to read my book, snooze, play some games and play a not very significant role in the lighting of that night’s campfire. We indulged in s’mores, told stories and got through a fair amount of craft beer. We were joined briefly by a raccoon, obviously hoping to pick up some of our scraps. 

When the sun rose high the next morning, I really did not want to leave. Camping is so fun! We stopped in at the bakery next to the ferry terminal and grabbed some of the best cinnamon scrolls I’ve ever had to go, before enjoying yet another blissful ferry trip back from the islands. 

Thanks, friends!

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