Dockside (Queen’s Wharf, Shed 3, Wellington Waterfront)

Perched on the waterfront, Dockside offers a fine-dining experience with wonderfully scenic views. Although it’s quite expensive, the food itself is delicious. It has been popping up on GrabOne quite often recently, so I have managed to score some great deals there. It is amazing being so close to the water, however I have noticed that on sunny days, it shines right onto the tables and can actually be extremely bright; however, Dockside has numerous hats and sunglasses on offer to counter the problem! Whenever I have eaten there the service has been exceptional, apart from one time where we just wanted to order coffee – and they made us sit outside (in the shade) and essentially forgot about us! Great venue for functions and afternoon drinks etc.


On my most recent occasion there I ordered a dish that I was a little unsure about. It was comprised of a Maryland chicken, served on spaghetti with walnuts, bacon and rocket. Individually, all of these ingredients sound absolutely divine, but I wasn’t sure if the meal as a whole was going to actually go together, in that the chicken wouldn’t actually be mixed through the pasta in any way. When it came out though, I laughed at myself for even doubting Dockside’s ability to put something together that wasn’t top quality. The entire meal was divine, and we polished off every last mouthful.


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