Fishing village vibes oh so close to Van

Our friends Lucy and Guy would always make reference to how cute Steveston Village was and I didn’t truly appreciate it until I went there myself. It is actually crazy that this charming little seaside village is so close to Vancouver; they feel worlds apart. This post is a bit of a throwback to when we were unable to leave our health authority due to Covid-19 restrictions, which were fortunately removed a few months ago now. We were allowed to travel to Steveston, and because case numbers in Vancouver Coastal Health were massively on the decline we felt comfortable taking a visit. Steveston is a historic fishing village about 15 minutes south of Vancouver airport, and while accessible by public transport, it is far easier done by car.

We drove down to Steveston on a typical Vancouver morning: moody, the air heavy with the threat of rain, but only the occasional raindrop to keep us on our toes. We parked our car and set off for a wander. We started by walking to the wharf, where there were an abundance of fishing boats lining the dock selling fresh produce such as salmon, tuna, prawns and shrimp. It feels rather industruous, whilst still maintaining a seaside charm. The smell was pretty strong though. Although we didn’t buy anything we spent a bit of time perusing each stall and soaking up the sights.

From the wharf we walked along to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery (a national historic site) and along the waterfront. The number of fish and chip shops, as well as souvenir shops was truly astonishing. It almost felt like I was overseas, in some kind of tourist-trap town, not down the road from where I had been living for the past year and a half! Britannia Shipyard also lies nearby, which is another historic site. This place must have been hit SO hard by the pandemic; the entire village felt like it had been built to welcome visitors.

After wandering along the waterfront path for a bit, we meandered back into town. There were lots of cute shops; the vibe of the town was very quaint. There were lots of thrift stores, in addition to those selling artisan goods. We made our way to Britannia Brewing , which is a very modern brewery with a pleasing aesthetic and an even more pleasing menu. I thought I was going to just order a hot chocolate and I ended up ordering a pint and some fish and chips! It was hard not to, and I just knew the fish was going to be straight from the ocean. The meal was delicious.

The weather was not conducive to wanting to walk many (or any!) of the walkways and cycle paths in the area, however it is something that I would definitely be keen to do on my next visit to Steveston. The area prides itself on having lots of outdoor areas for exercise. It is a perfect stop on anyone’s agenda for something different, something interesting and it makes for a great and easy getaway from the city.

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