Food in Seminyak


Seminyak. So many options, so little time. As one of the more commercialised areas of Bali, I had high expectations; and in the short period of time I had there I have mostly good things to report.

On the beach front lies Capris (which incorporates the Coffee Library). Despite hearing from other bloggers that the coffee was good (admittedly true) I thought overall that this place was extremely average and not worth a visit. It was massively expensive for what it was. The portions were teeny tiny – all of us walked away dissatisfied and making jokes about where to go for lunch 2.0. The views of the beach were undeniably great (especially if you omit to notice the sewage tinge to the colour of the water) and the service was pretty good.

For what we paid at Capris, we each would have got at least 2 full meals if we had gone straight to HoneyBees. Located in the heart of Seminyak, HoneyBees caught our attention with its “Number 1. Cheap Eats” title on TripAdvisor. We weren’t to be disappointed. Everything was between IRD 40 – 60, the servings were pretty substantial, and the service was incredibly fast. Had we longer in Seminyak, I have no doubt that we would have eaten there again; especially as it’s reputation for brunch on TripAdvisor also sits pretty high.


Instead, for brunch we visited Sacred Ground. It was situated just down the road from our accommodation, so made for a convenient stop on the morning we flew out. We had noticed it the previous night, with its advertisement for ‘free pizza when you buy a bucket of beer’. The cafe is bigger than it looks on first appearances, tucked down the alley is several more booths and tables. The menu is several pages long and pretty well priced. The meals were better than okay, but we all thought that the eggs tasted a little odd; as though sugar had been added. On the whole I wouldn’t go out of my way to return here for brunch (mainly because there are so many other places worthy of trying) but I would be happy to come back for a meal later in the day.

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