International Cakes


International Cakes (185 Lonsdale Street)

Despite its low review on TripAdvisor, this place was better than I expected. Admittedly, the atmosphere was a bit dry and the coffee highly unexciting – but the massive selection of goodies lining the windows and internal cabinet meant that we struggled to turn it down. I always struggle to go past baklava, and there were so many different kinds it took me ages to decide what to get. Because the pieces were so large, mum and I just ended up sharing the traditional baklava, and it was super yummy! Also to be had was the cannoli, and this didn’t quite meet the expectation I had after living in Italy (but maybe my standards are consequently too high, I don’t know). There were hardly any people when we went there, which made it ideal for a quick stop off during our sight-seeing.

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