Just a small slice of Pisa please

Is any trip to Italy complete without an excursion to Pisa? Probably, to be honest, but not this time. And, given that our train from the Cinque Terre would pass right through on its way to Florence, we’d have been silly not to.

Pisa Centrale station is located about an hours’ ride and €9 one way from Florence. Upon leaving the station, walk straight out and keep on going (presuming you’re here to see the tower) down a long street, seemingly deserted yet actually packed with chain stores and cafes. At the river, keep heading straight but start veering left, as you find yourself drifting through the old town. Soon enough, the tower will emerge.

We were a little surprised by how long it took us to walk there. Combined with the heat and the fact we were carrying our luggage, it probably took about 30 minutes from leaving the station. I was worried that Andy would consider the walk hadn’t been worth it, but thankfully this wasn’t the case. Even though Andy denied me of a cliche photo of him in front of the tower, the weather was beautiful and we got some good snaps of the area before moving on.

People are forbidden from the grass, which meant that although the paths were crowded, the area generally felt quite lush. It’s funny too, how the tower is what is famed and why Pisa is known, but the surrounding cathedral and buildings are also really beautiful in their own way (just not crooked and I suppose that’s why!).

After we’d explored the area to our satisfaction we made our way through some markets (sampling some yummy freshly baked fennel crackers) back to the main street where we stopped for lunch before getting on one of the extremely regular (every half hour) to Florence.

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