Lakes in Jasper


If there is one thing Canada has no shortage of, it is lakes. Jasper is no exception to this. We managed to visit four of the five lakes on my list; disappointingly I didn’t swim at any! 

We didn’t go to Pyramid Lake (nor did we do the hike, it ended up being on a different, more out-of-the-way road than I thought it was) and we visited Lake Edith and Lake Annette only briefly. Brave ol’ Andy got in the water at Lake Edith, but it was far too chilly for my liking (and not quite warm enough out) so the rest of us stayed on the shore. We then walked across to Lake Annette, which was also very beautiful and would be nice for swimming, although it was a lot busier and quite hard to find a spot. 

The real stars of the show are Medicine and Maligne Lake. Medicine Lake is on the way to Maligne Lake and is interesting mostly for the fact that its water level fluctuates massively and no one properly knows why. The theory is something to do with the glacier melt, but there remains a lot still unknown. We went to Medicine Lake for sunset, and it was beautiful for the fact that the dropping rays hit the tops of the mountains around us and created the most beautiful alpine glow.

Maligne Lake would have to be one of Canada’s most famous lakes. It is 22.5km long and is home to Spirit Island, one of Canada’s most photographed icons. We were unsure whether to fork out the $90 or so dollars required to do the cruise that takes you to Spirit Island, but our decision to do so was definitely one we would not regret. Not only was the boat trip fun, it was extremely beautiful and we got perfect weather to see Spirit Island. The cruise is about 2.5 hours long and crazily enough, only 15 minutes were spent on the piece of land that overlooks Spirit Island. The photos were unreal and we definitely could have spent longer there. It was amazing seeing the surrounding mountains from the lake itself and we even managed to spot a few deer on the journey. One of the few big expenses of our week away, but it was definitely worth it. 

Of everything we did in Jasper, the Maligne Lake cruise was probably the most memorable. Its size was certainly unparalleled by any other lake, but the clear blue colour, the backdrop and the temperature of the water we were learning to be oh-so-Canadian.

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