Last stop, Sydney!

Our uber driver seemed affronted at the thought of us only spending two nights in Sydney, but hey, it was a convenient layover and we’ll be back. From Brisbane, we had to fly via either Auckland or Sydney before reaching Chile – I didn’t want to backtrack to NZ and Andy had never been to Sydney before so now seemed like an opportune time.

On arrival, I myself was affronted at the price of taking a train three stops into the city. It was going to be significantly cheaper for us to uber, not to mention far more convenient. For the first time ever, we’d booked a private room in an Air BnB – it was drastically cheaper than getting something for ourselves. 

We arrived at our Air BnB and were unimpressed to learn that we were at an apartment complex, with no instructions how to get in. We were without data, so went between knocking on a neighbours door to walking to a nearby cafe, trying to make contact with our host. Talk about exasperating, especially with our short time in Sydney. Eventually we got a hold of him (he was overseas and had messed up the time zones), let ourselves in and then had to leave immediately because the cleaner was on her way!

Free of our bags, we were happy to head out and see some of Sydney’s sights. We reached Circular Quay before sunset and had a good look around, lapping up the eternally beautiful views of the opera house and harbour bridge. We were ravenous and headed very eagerly back home via Spice Alley: an experience entirely worthy of its own blog post. 

We didn’t realise how shattered we were and slept in later than we would have liked. After brunching at Something for Jess, we caught a bus out to Bondi Beach for a superb afternoon of beaching, lazing and drinking in the sun. Finally, some good weather! 

We saw a decent amount of Sydney in a remarkably short space of time. Obviously there is a whole lot more to see and do here, but for now I think we’ve managed to satisfactorily dip our toes into the waters of this fun and exciting city. 

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