Lazing about in Lagos

A few days in Lagos should be prescribed to everyone by the bucketful: a daily dose of sunshine, sea spray and sensational food does the body and soul a world of good and I didn’t even have an ailment to speak of!

Our endearing guesthouse was perched above the old town with glittering ocean views from our terrace. The cost of these views was a short climb to and from town, which (hopefully) aided in the prevention of me turning into a pastel de nata, the infamous Portuguese custard tarts :). We ate like kings in Lagos, so much so that I’ll have to devote an ENTIRE post to just food.

Temperatures in Lagos were unexpectedly cooler than what we’d become accustomed to. We attributed it to being coastal and it made mostly for a pleasant change; however, we weren’t so keen on the chilly breeze that seemed to pick up in the evenings. Our four nights in Lagos was the longest we’d spent anywhere since Paris, over a month before. We took this time to chill out: eat, sleep, beach, repeat was basically my mantra!

Needless to say, beaches are in abundance. On the marina side, the sandy beach (known as Meia Praia) stretches seemingly for miles and is not dissimilar to something you might see at home. On the other side of town, the bays stretching along the coast to Ponta de Piedade (the headlands) create some of the most magnificent beaches (albeit smallest) I’ve ever seen in my life. The coastline makes for a hilly, scenic 6km return hike. The sheer drop from the cliffs down to the sandy coves is spectacular (access to most beaches thus requires a bit of a clamber) and the rock formations along the whole coast never cease to amaze.

We just couldn’t get enough of those views, so we booked ourselves in for a kayak tour. We boated around to Ponte de Piedade where we got into kayaks and ventured through multiple caves. The caves have been given names to represent different areas of a house. So we have a kitchen, chimney, garage and so on. It was seriously awesome but slightly tainted by the sheer number of other boats that were all vying for a spot in the caves, making it quite hectic at times. After we finished kayaking we snorkelled and swam (short lived in the icy Atlantic, let me tell you!) and saw some more of the coastline before heading back. 

I loved Lagos and actually could have spent longer there. Then again, I am a beach bunny and with the vast number of beaches available I daresay I could be happy there for a very long time!

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