Let’s not go hungry in Hungary! – Budapest

After living the life in Prague, we thought that we could take out the same amount of money for a day less in Budapest and truly live like Kings! After forking out the €8 it cost for each night at David Hasselhostel, we ventured out for dinner with our roommates to a Hungarian place called Cactus Juice where I had mushroom soup. Budapest was stunning by night; in my opinion its views echoed those of Prague’s.

The Hungarian language is more than impossible to decipher (or pronounce), probably explaining why it is 1 of the top 5 most difficult languages to learn. Our tour guide shared a few Hungarian phrases with us, and how they sound in English (for example ‘tee-shirt’ means ten beers) during our tour which took us across the Chain bridge from what used to be the city of Pest (home to Parliament , Heroes Square and St. Stephen’s basilica), to the city formerly known as Buda where construction sites were more than just prominent (home to the Liberty Statue, Palace, Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion).

Doing what Kings would do, our afternoon was spent at the Gellert Baths – an indoor and outdoor spa and pool facility, and was truly beautiful. It felt like a cathedral of some description and was oh-so-relaxing! Dinner that night consisted of authentic Hungarian stew and potato pancakes, provided by the hostel for a mere €2, before we headed out to a bar crawl in order to view some of these ‘ruin bars’ that we had heard so much about. Ruin bars are those that are inside old, abandoned buildings, and most are very quirky places! I tried ‘Palinka’ – a traditional Hungarian shot, which tasted just like really concentrated fruit.

Other food highlights included Granny’s Palacsinta Place where pancakes were approximately €1.50 each, and the long list of sweet and savoury flavours almost made it too difficult to choose! Finally at the markets in Central Market Hall I treated myself to some pumpkin and poppy seed strudel (poppy-seeds appear to be a popular filling) – absolutely delicious. Definitely felt like royalty!

I also made a video, check it out here.

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