Video: Morocco

Before I went to Europe I had barely even given the country of Morocco two thoughts. Little did I know that my €30 flights would give rise to one of the coolest experiences of my life. Flights (or ferries) from Spain always tend to be relatively cheap, so if you are down that way and have the time then there is really no excuse. It was certainly a trip unlike I had ever had in my life. Despite wearing one of my rings on my engagement finger, and being accompanied by a guy mate of mine, I couldn’t believe the number of catcalls and crazy suggestions that the men over there continually came up with. Further, the cheek of some of the people in order to just get a dollar; it took outrageousness to a whole new level. When we walked through the main square of Marrakesh one of us was always on ‘monkey-duty’ because even mere eye contact with someone metres away from you that was in possession of a monkey would more often than not result in them forcing the monkey onto your shoulder and then demanding money for it. There were so many crazy memories such as this one, and so many insanely cool memories (such as sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert) and all of them combined resulted in me having one of the most fun and interesting holidays of my life.

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