Video: Nice, France

The devastating events that occurred in Nice on Bastille Day (14 July) hit me in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Like most people, I think terrorist attacks are scary, horrible and tragic; those feelings do not desensitise over time. I think what was different about this terrorist attack was that it was the first time that I have been to exactly where the terrorist struck: I have sat in that exact location, and slurped at my ice-cream in the sunshine. To think that less than two years later, it is suddenly a site of terror and fear shocks me. It’s made me realise how easily that could have been me, or my family, or my friends. It’s made me think about the fact that although my family wasn’t affected, at least 80 other families were. You can’t predict these things; I never would have expected something like that to happen in Nice (for no particular reason, except for the fact that I had actually been there) and my heart goes out to everyone that was in some way affected. Every act or terrorism is awful, but this one really hit home.

Since last weeks’ events I have watched this video many times,  and wanted to share it as a reminder of how beautiful this place can be – hopefully the happiness and joy returns soon.

Stay strong. Or as us Kiwis say, Kia Kaha.

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