Ready, set, Prague!

Prague. Time for some me time; to relax, recover and do some laundry! Andy was off to Sziget (a music festival in Budapest) so I took the chance to spend some time with my brother in what was my favourite city last time I was over here. Hopefully it was going to live up to my memories.

It was immediately boosted by spending four nights in my ideal Air BnB: good neighbourhood, spacious and well equipped for cooking, blogging and yup, laundry. With a supermarket (and shopping mall) across the road I was excited to get stuck into some fresh and healthy food too.

In between blogging and playing Catan, we definitely spent a sound amount of time sightseeing. Generally speaking, here are five things I consider unmissable in Prague:The Astronomical Clock and Old Town. The clock has some astonishing history to it and I was excited to once again see its hourly performance. Fortunately, it met Jamie’s benchmark test of the Bern clock, so it was a win on all fronts. The whole Old Town is streaming with tourists, the smells of chimney cakes (or Trdlo) and quirky shops and museums. It’s definitely the best place to explore, although I get tired of all the people before long.

The Prague Castle. Not that it’s hard to miss. The most eye catching structure along the entire river, the Prague Castle can take as long or as little time as you want to explore. It was raining when we went so we certainly didn’t outstay our welcome, but a picnic lunch in the gardens would have been lovely. We explored the grounds and courtyards for free, but it is possible to pay to go inside.

Vysehrad. A deserted old fortress which was across the river from our accommodation. I spent a lovely afternoon meandering and reading amongst the expansive grounds, to break up my time spent admiring the wide ranging views. I hadn’t heard of Vysehrad before this visit, but it was one of my favourite afternoons here. There is also a beer garden up top which overlooked parts of the city.

Petrin. It’s hard to argue that these aren’t the best views in Prague. It’s the classic postcard shot backwards across the river, soaking up the Old Town, the iconic Charles Bridge and in some instances, the Prague Castle. You can climb the tower for the first class views or you can spend time wandering the many paths amongst the trees catching glimpses of the city.

The John Lennon Wall. How I missed this last time I do not know! I made up for it this time by going twice 🙂 Weirdly it was busier during the day than when I went early in the morning, when it was packed with people posing for that perfect Instagram shot (yes alright, we got a photo too!).

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Prague. Slightly slower paced than last time, I definitely got the recharge I needed and now look forward to being reunited with Andy and some other friends post Sziget in Budapest! For now, I bid farewell to Jamie… until we meet again brother!!! 🙂

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