Salamanca: our return to Spain!


We stopped at Salamanca mostly to break up our bus trip from Coimbra back to Madrid, but also to squeeze in another Spanish city – I mean, why not? We adored it. So old, clean and beautiful. At the time I likened it to a private school’s grounds during the summer holidays because it was sprawling, impressive and seemingly deserted. We did very little except to walk around the streets admiring the buildings, so to avoid making out like I know more than I do about Salamanca Andy and I both wrote a limerick to accompany the photos of some of the stunning scenery we saw.


Andy and Nic on their travels through Spain

Stopped at Salamanca with little arranged

They had just one night

And to their delight

Visiting Salamanca was doubtlessly a gain. 


One ex-analyst of bankers,

And the lawyer to which she is anchored,

Rolled into town,

For 10 to 12 hours

But boy did they love Salamanca

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