Sunny Sevilla

Sevilla is one of the most loveable cities in Andalucia. We stayed three nights in this charming city but because we came back here before heading to Portugal we essentially got a full four days. The tourist bubble can make the city seem quite small, but on one of our days we hired bikes and that gave us a much better perspective on just how big it is. There is lots to do beyond the Alcazar and the Cathedral (which dominate a lot of people’s attention) including exploring down by the river, visiting Plaza de España, climbing the Metrosol Parosol and meandering through any of the many parks. If I had to choose three highlights from my time in Sevilla…

1. Food. We ate some unreal food. Sevilla featured the two only places we’ve been in Europe where we have been repeat customers (so far anyway). A huge shout out to Kok Tu Cocina which served up such amazing brunches in such a light, airy environment. I absolutely adored the ranch eggs and the orange juice, but we also tried the savoury pancakes (with syrup, eggs and bacon), the eggs benedict and the granola. All were tasty, well priced and the coffee was good too. Our other repeat custom was at Torch Coffee. Located down by the river, this spacious, air-conditioned specialty coffee house was a comfortable retreat for us more than once. The chocolate mud cake was also scrumptious! Tapas bars were also aplenty, but none in particular stole my heart.

2. Drinks. La Terraza de EME is the first bar worthy of a mention: a stone’s throw away from the rooftop of the cathedral, this roof-top spot is a glorious one to visit any time of day. Conveniently, we were here for sunset and it was pretty amazing seeing all the rooftops fade into the evening light. Super central and so beautiful – be warned that it’s not the cheapest place for a night cap! The other cool bar we went to is one that I have actually been to before: El Garlochi. This is one of the more unusual bars I have ever visited – it is an entirely Holy themed bar and their house drink is Sangre de Cristo, which translates to the Blood of Christ (grenadine, pink champagne and whisky).

3. Hiring bikes. The first time either of us had tapped into the ‘Experiences’ tab on Air Bnb, we found a 5.5 hour cycle tour of Sevilla for $27. It was money well spent, as we got to discover how big Sevilla really is and all the amazing sights within. We stopped off for our first traditional Andalucian breakfast, which is tomato puree and olive oil (lots of it) on toasted bread. Including our coffees, it only amounted to €2.20, which felt like an absolute steal. We got to cycle through the university, the area with the ‘lipstick’ building (nicknamed for its looks, a point of controversy amongst locals) and through the city centre including past the Alcazar and Cathedral. One of the highlights about it was hearing the anecdotes and fun facts about the city, stuff you’d never pick up on if you just did it yourself.

Overall, Sevilla is a place of yummy food, famous sights and lots of pretty buildings. It’s also a lovely place to chill out with all its parks and riverside spots. We loved our time there and were stoked to go back.

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