The big fat Greek wedding

Well, it was the event we’d all been waiting for. Was it what I expected? I’m actually not sure. After all the build up, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a Greek wedding but I definitely enjoyed it more than I thought I might. In the lead up, everyone involved was very calm, unless they were all just pretending. The eve of the wedding was spent exploring Brisbane: walking the botanicals, exploring the CBD and eating up an absolute storm. 

We woke on the day of the wedding to absolute torrential rain. The church was only across the park, but this almost made it worse – could we really order a taxi to merely ride halfway around the block?! To our great relief, there was a slight break in the rain just in time for us to dash over to the church. 

There was a moment of panic when Andy went to put on his suit and realised that his shirt was not in the suit bag. Fortunately Pete had a white shirt that Andy could borrow but it meant that Pete had to dash out in the rain to buy a new one for himself! 

The church was stunning: colourful, light and very decorative. The ceremony was unlike anything I’d ever witnessed: mostly standing and quite lengthy but the Greek Othodox side of it was extremely fascinating. 

After the ceremony we all had our chance to shower T&a in flower petals before they headed off in a classic vintage car for photos with the rest of the bridal party. Pete, Janet and I headed over to Cloudland in Fortitude Valley (where the reception was being held) so that we could be there to greet everyone as they arrived across the afternoon.

Being first meant we had our pick of the yummy Greek treats that Nic’s extended family had cooked up. As a venue, Cloudland is like no other; it is eccentric and excessive in every possible way. Once the bridal party arrived group photos kicked off; T&N must have been SO exhausted by the end of them – I was tired just watching! 

Eventually we headed upstairs for the meal, the speeches and the party. My highlights were definitely watching the parents of the bride and groom plus the bridal party making their entrances to their own (vaguely personalised) theme songs, the speeches, the bottle of whiskey on every table and the Greek dancing. 

I don’t know how 180 people fit onto the dance floor but somehow they did and it was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done! Three songs had seemed like a lot to learn but in the moment I wished we’d learnt thirty. The Greek dancing was over all too soon and I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed by that. 

All in all it was a wonderful wedding! I didn’t want the night to end, ever. Seeing family come together like that just makes me so happy, so it was really sad waking up the next morning and a) being devastatingly hungover and b) realising that the coming together was over and now it would be a series of goodbyes – the last of our friends and family that Andy and I would be seeing for the foreseeable future. 

Thanks to both families for putting on such a stunning affair. And of course, here’s to the newlyweds, T&N. So much love! 

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