The curse of the tummy bug

This day would prove to be my most difficult of the tour. I had an upset stomach (I’m not sure how as I’d been so careful!) and we had a fair few hours on the bus ahead… Topped off with some snorkelling. Nice one Nic!

Our first stop was a crocodile sanctuary. I didn’t particularly like it, it seemed like a definite #whenincuba activity, but I have to admit that seeing these massive creatures in the flesh was absolutely fascinating. They were so much bigger than I imagined and they can go for so long without moving. The biggest enclosure was home to about twenty of these beasts basking in the sun and literally waddling over each other when they wanted to go anywhere. Some of our group fed them – I have to say I was thankful to be on this side of the fence! 

After the crocs came the pigs. We didn’t spot any, but we did stop and visit the Bay of Pigs – site of the US invasion a few years back, a failure analogous in some ways to New Zealand’s Gallipoli expedition. Nowadays it is a lovely place for snorkelling (sadly my stomach kept me out of the water) and there is a cenote across the road which was also nice for swimming. 

Our destination that night was Playa Larga, a beautiful sandy beach lined with palm trees. Andy and I were treated to a ‘honeymoon suite’ where we had a balcony to ourselves and views across the water. This, combined with my stomach only just coming right, resulted in me bidding goodnight to the group extra early and lapping up the luxuries of our room before falling into a blissful sleep. 

The next morning, refreshed and recovered I was excited for the day ahead. We were Trinidad bound, but first we were stopping at “Cienfuegos”, fondly referred to as the pearl of the south. We were given ample time to wander the pretty, colourful streets of the city and explore the main square. We also visited a few historical buildings that showcased some amazing architecture.

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