The pastels of Trinidad

We had two nights in Trinidad before returning to Havana. The trip was drawing to a close, but first we all needed to learn how to salsa properly. For an hour, our group was taught a series of different moves by two Cuban teachers and then we paired up and practiced what we’d learnt. Being one of only four boys, Ndy was in hot demand! That night we visited a local club where G Adventures basically took over with their moves. We improved some, but there was still a longggg way to go.

The next day we hoisted ourselves up onto a large pack of horses and rode for about an hour out to a Lo al waterfall. On the way we stopped for a sugarcane tasting (on our way back they tried to charge us for it despite not mentioning it earlier) and to give our horses a rest. It was super hot and tiring! 

The coolness of the water was welcoming and we jumped in and paddled for about an hour before heading back to camp. We stopped for lunch on the way back, by which time most of us had had more than enough of riding. The whole experience only cost us about $40 (NZ) which is an absolute steal, compared to home! 

In the afternoon we bussed 12km to Playa Ancon, yet another white sandy beach with beautiful clear water. We stayed out here until sunset, when we basically had to leave due to everyone getting eaten alive by the pesky little mosquitoes! 

Dinner that night was on the rooftop of the main homestay where we were treated to an all inclusive feast including birthday cake, in honour of Michael and Georgia’s birthdays. Our strict budget (mainly due to the fact that we couldn’t take money out easily on the island) combined with the exorbitant cost of meals meant that finally Andy and I weren’t forced to share a main dish. 

The next day we had a long drive back to Havana. Some of our group was severely hungover, almost everyone was keen to sleep. We stopped in Santa Clara to see the Che monument and visit the museum, before stopping for lunch at a local resort. Our late afternoon toilet stop resulted in a 1.5 hour toilet stop and us catching a ride with a group of French tourists when our bus broke down, sadly meaning we missed out on our walking tour of Old Havana.

However, we still made it back in time to enjoy a very lovely last meal out as a group, followed by fancy cocktails on a nearby rooftop bar. Cheers G Adventures for the fun week, awesome people and some lifelong friends! 

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