The Rabbit Hole


The Rabbit Hole (217 Maunganui Road)

Only recently opened, my mum essentially dragged me there to try the ‘cool-looking place’ with the ‘funky interior’. I have to admit, the rabbit (?) skins draped over the back of the chairs made for a pretty interesting sight. I couldn’t help but being mildly impressed by this sunny court-yard that was situated in between the restaurant and the cafe – both of which had different menus and different staff. It was slightly confusing, as we weren’t sure where to order from but someone kindly explained to us that, if you want to eat at the cafe you can sit anywhere, but you have to order up at the cafe till, and if you want to eat from the restaurant’s menu, you need to sit at the restaurant and you will receive table service.

On this occasion we chose to visit the cafe. The staff were all extremely well trained, perhaps not the most friendly at times but they certainly knew what they were doing. Once we had made our order, the coffee came out relatively quickly – and while it wasn’t the best coffee I’d ever had (turns out I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob) I would certainly order the same again, as it was entirely drinkable. The food was a step up; the servings were massive. I had an omelette, and I think it would be a stretch to say that I finished 3/4 of it! It was extremely tasty, I wish it was more possible to doggy-bag eggs! (Thankfully I had my hungry-hungry boyfriend with me, so nothing went to waste!). The French Toast was also delightful; a healthy portion of maple syrup, but conveniently it had been put into a jug so it wasn’t already soaking through the bread. I would definitely return for the food alone, and would be keen to try the restaurant at some point (they say good things about the burger and steak!).

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