The Recollection Diaries: Prague

My recollection (the only recollection!)

Strongest memory: Prague is an anomaly in my 2019 travels, for the reason that Andy wasn’t there. One of my strongest memories is the fact that everything fun that I did, or cool thing that I saw, I wanted to share that memory with Andy. After all our travels, it was strange not having him by my side, especially as I knew that he would have adored Prague and all it’s old town charm. As a result of this freedom, I relished the chance to get a bit of me time – spending loads of time merely wandering the streets of Prague, sitting on random park benches, catching up on my blog (and life admin generally) and, when at home, cooking heaps of fresh and healthy food.

Memorable meal: Out or in? I think I literally ate one proper meal out the whole time I was there. Jamie, Caitlin and I went out for what I learnt was Jamie’s first ramen experience on our final night in the city. I remember watching Jamie struggle massively with chopsticks and noting that it was a surprising city to be  having this observation. Every other meal we ate was made at home. Our apartment was around the corner from a huge supermarket and we were all stoked to be cramming in those veges after having spent a few months on the road.

Best activity: Having been to Prague before, I could afford to spend more time off the slightly beaten track just exploring wherever I wanted. Last time my favourite activities would have included the Easter markets, a walking tour (Prague is so incredibly history rich, it was so interesting!) and a bar crawl. This time round, my days were spent walking to new, and some old, places. Highlights included the John Lennon wall, climbing up to Vysehrad and meandering the cobbled streets of the Old Town. In short, Prague is so much better explored by foot: it’s relatively compact, it’s beautiful and there is so much to see. Sooooo… walking!

Favourite place: It’s hard to go past Prague’s main square, Wenceslas Square, home to the famed Astronomical Clock and the Lady before Tyn tower. I took great joy from lining up Caitlin and Jamie on the hour to watch the clock’s little performance, and then filling them in on some of its history. Most of the surrounding streets are car-free and cobble-stoned, perfectly for ambling along and checking out all the cute window displays, weaving in and out of the way of other pedestrians. The whole feeling instantly transports me into a fairy tale world.

Unforgettable sight: I think it’s hard to beat the hill of Petrin, purely for its views over the river, bridges and city. I am happy doing the climb  up the hill solely for the views and the exercise, but there is also a bunch of touristy stuff up there as well. Prague’s Old Town hugs the side of the river with a few bridges that snake their way in. With its different shaped buildings, cathedrals, domes and towers, the sight of the Old Town is certainly pleasant on the eyes. Climbing Petrin (I’m not sure if this is the name of the hill itself or the tower that sits on the hill) enables a panoramic view back across the river at the Old Town. It’s certainly not a well kept secret – and for good reason. This doesn’t detract from the experience in any way though, there is enough space for everyone.

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