The tale at Lake Bled


Once upon a time (actually, not too long ago) two eager humanlings awoke in the fairytale city of Ljubljana. They were enthusiastic explorers and wanted to go on a day time adventure, but the all important question was where to go?

Although the land sprawled extensively in almost every direction, the humanlings were always mindful of their penny count so they sought somewhere nearby to their current kingdom. Of course, they also daren’t venture too far, in case of the highly unlikely chance they were (for some unknown reason) called to battle.

Myths, legends, and of course social media, had given the humanlings good cause to have heard about enchanting Lake Bled; with its magical cathedral in the middle of the lake and a possibly haunted castle looming high upon the cliff top lake side. It was decided.

Not long after their departure the skies opened; the forceful downpour would remain throughout the day, accompanied by ferocious thunderclaps and flashes of lightning. The humanlings were not to be deterred however.

Upon arrival (1 hour, €7 each) the humanlings took shelter in a cosy little bakery soaking up the warmth and aromas of freshly baked bread. Over mugs of steaming coffee they hatched a plan for their mission. Dramatic may it seem, their plan was to attack.

After suiting up, the humanlings set out in maximum armour. Unfortunately, their raincoats did little to protect them from the torrential rain and they were drenched within seconds. They marched on however, their mission of circling the lake was not going to complete itself.

An uphill detour in somewhat treacherous conditions to the castle proved to be unsuccessful in dragon sightings, but gave some rather glorious views. The mist hugging the lake clouded the visibility (literally), although it would take a far greater obstacle than that to detract from its radiating beauty.

Somebody wise once said that being wet doesn’t stop you from being happy. Determined, and happy, the humanlings continued on. Their courage was rewarded immensely when they once again took shelter, this time at the national rowing club. Lunch was a delight; an assortment of bakery goods acquired earlier, as well as a cheeky, spontaneous dip in the lake!

This swim was the pinnacle of their day, for after this they had to complete their mission slightly cold and still rather wet. The rain eased, but alas it refused stop. The mist rose, allowing the humanlings to now see with ease; it truly was a sensational sight.

The humanlings were beyond satisfied to complete their mission; they had risen to the days challenge and succeeded despite the weathers best attempts to pull them down. Even better, they had a grand old time doing it! The humanlings retreated back to the kingdom of Ljubljana to reenergise for their next adventure.

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