Top tips for hiking the Routeburn

Being the first proper hike I had done in a while, I was astonished at the little things that I did (or wish I did) that made life SO much easier across those few days. This post is partly for your benefit, but also my own – so that next time I don’t have to repeat my same mistakes and can cash in on the wisdom of others! Here are three of my favourites:

1. Food. Currently in full savings mode, my partner and I opted to plan out our dinners and bring ingredients from home rather than opting for the dehydrated ‘just add water’ meals that everyone else seemed to be eating. The first night we made a chorizo pesto pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes and the second night we made a couscous salad with chorizo, capsicum, zucchini, apricots and almonds. We sliced and diced everything before we went so that we just had to unload the ingredients from the zip lock bag each night. For breakfast, we had porridge with coconut, apricots and almonds – just using water and again combining the ingredients into a zip lock bag before we went. Not only did we save money, it felt fresh and healthy when we ate it!

2. Departing and arriving at the huts. Despite what other trampers do, I really don’t see the point in rushing to leave the huts first thing in the mornings because there just isn’t that much to do when you arrive at the next hut in the afternoon (sometimes even by midday!). I’m not sure why or what the trampers who get up at 6am actually do, but I know that once the first group stirs, it is quite hard for others to stay asleep!

3. Entertainment. Definitely bring activities for passing the time by in the huts when you do arrive – it can get so boring otherwise and I for one, don’t really like going to bed at 6pm. Lightweight games and books or download some podcasts/music to listen to (keeping in mind there is no electricity so make that battery last!). It is a great opportunity to be mindful and just enjoy the company of those around you too.

Let me know if you have any tips that you want to share and I’ll add them to this list!

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