Video: Eurotrip Part 2 (2014)

This video covers our time spent in Denmark, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Copenhagen was absolutely fantastic. It was super idyllic and beautiful and if it hadn’t been so cold, I think Danielle and I both could have spent hours just combing the streets. It is definitely the most expensive place I have ever been though, I had to be conscious about what I was spending all week. We were lucky to go from there to Berlin though, where we were fortunate enough to have free accommodation for the five or so nights that we were there. Berlin is an incredible city, I suspect from both a local and a tourist point of view. I say this because we were super lucky to be staying with friends who could show it to us from a local’s perspective. The city was extremely trendy, efficient and interesting – ideal I think for almost any tourist. Last but not least, this video shows off Prague in the Czech Republic. I have said so many times that Prague was my favourite city in Europe. God, it was just so beautiful! Something straight out of a dream for a New Zealander – where cobbled stone streets and buildings hundreds of years old are virtually unheard of.

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