Video: Eurotrip Part 3 (2014)

The final piece in this video series, part 3 sees Danielle and I visiting Vienna in Austria, followed by Salzburg and finishing up in Budapest, Hungary. Vienna felt very regal – there were so many palaces that we explored, and horses and uniforms and cathedrals etc. We had several lovely picnics lazing about various castle grounds. We couldn’t believe the lack of chocolate around given that it was Easter though, we had to source chocolate in the form of pretzels! Salzburg was very scenic; we hired segways and did a Sound of Music tour (I mean, it would have been rude not to) and a couple of crashes later (thankfully only with each other) we mastered it and got to have a decent look around. It was so much fun and being in a town made a nice break from all the big cities that we had been visiting. Quite spontaneously, we tacked a trip to Budapest onto the end of our trip. It was an extremely fun way to finish the journey off! Our four weeks absolutely flew by.

Click here for part 1 and here for part 2!

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