Video: Lagos

After the stresses of taking a right-hand manual rental car around the Andalusian countryside for a week, a four day rehab stint in seaside Lagos could scarcely have come at a better time. Croatia’s coastline was beautiful for its clear, warm water, but Lagos promised a luxury that we had yet to encounter on this trip – sandy ocean beaches.

Suffice to say, Lagos did not fail to live up to its billing. From the centre of town, a short walk in almost any direction will bring you to a beach or unique character. The rocky ponta de Piedade coastline offers a variety of smaller beaches, hemmed by rugged sandstone cliff faces. If you cross the river to the marina side, you will find yourself on a wide expanse of yellow sand stretching as far as the eye can see.

We saw fit to explore these beaches both on foot and by kayak, and with this video we hope to show off the highlights of what we’ve seen. To spare you wondering, the water here was preeeeetty cold. Since Lagos is on the wrong (seaward) side of Gibraltar, we soon realised that we were at the mercy of the Atlantic proper.


–  words by Andy

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