Capital: Berlin ♦ Population: 83 million ♦ Currency: Euro (€) ♦ Language: German

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Berlin: dive deep into dark history with lots of memorials and monuments surrounding the events of WW2 (including the Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall). It is also one of the trendiest, most international feeling cities I have ever visited with great shopping, parks, restaurants and of course, night clubs!

Munich: a city rich in culture, a great time to visit is during one of the world’s biggest beer festivals Oktoberfest

Frankfurt: the financial hub of Germany

Cologne: a beautiful old city with a stunning cathedral, an old town and glorious art

Neuschwanstein Castle: inspiration for Walt Disney, not to be missed!

Did you know?

  • The name for Germany in the German language is Deutschland
  • Germany has an unsettled history, including the Nazi regime and tension between East and West Germany (which were reunified as recently as 1990)
  • Over 100 Germans have been awarded the Nobel prize in their respective fields, including Albert Einstein
  • 1/3 of Germany is still covered in forests and woodlands
  • 65% of highways have no speed limit
  • Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris, and it has more bridges than Venice

Useful tips

  • Always carry cash as the Germans have a big cash culture. Public restrooms cost about 50 cents, even in public places like McDonalds and train stations.
  • Be punctual as the trains will NOT be late
  • Germany is generally quite a softly spoken nation. So don’t speak too loudly on the train unless you want everyone to hear.
  • Germans are strongly against jay-walking. Prepare yourself for a telling off if you break that rule.