2 Short Whites

2 Short Whites (74 Main Street)

Despite being on the main street of Greytown, this little gem is somewhat tucked away. We went for a wander on early Saturday evening, and had we not already heard of it I think we would have walked straight past it. Heading north, it’s just on the left hand side of the road in the middle of town, with a coutyard out front. It’s large and spacious, and has wonderful sliding doors that can open right up.

The menu was delicious sounding; there were enough people around me ordering the open sandwiches that I thought I should follow suit and see what the fuss was about. The slow cooked lamb shoulder open sandwich was absolutely divine. The smoothies looked fantastic, although I just stuck to my usual long black on this occasion.

There was a great option of wee slices and other desserts, presented beautifully on a wall front. There was even a wee something for dogs. At the time of posting this, 2 Short Whites was up for sale – here’s hoping it passes to someone who maintains the wonderful standard of this superb cafe in Greytown!

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