24 hours of Lisbon food heaven


Following our luxurious dining experience in Lagos, we vowed that in Lisbon we’d rein it in and eat a few more meals on the cheap. We made sure however, that we still ate at least one meal a day that was worth writing home about, so here’s a compilation for a day of ‘perfect eating’. From this, I have excluded the pastel de nata which should feature daily!

Coffee at Copenhagen Coffee Lab and Bakery: with four locations now open across the city, this spot is modern, spacious and an inviting environment for one to start their day. With plenty of tables and a wide range of coffees and snacks, it’s a lovely place for reading the paper or just soaking up the morning’s vibes.

Brunch at Nicolaus: once hunger hits, there really is no place than Nicolaus. Priding themselves on their highly ‘instagrammable food’, the quality of our meals certainly lived up to their looks. Expect to queue for brunch, although we went slightly later in the afternoon and managed to nab ourselves a seat straightaway. Bubbly environment with a menu from everything to pancakes and eggs to burgers and tacos.

Afternoon beersies in Marvila: we chose to walk the 6km to Marvila and see the pantheon on the way, but buses run regularly. Marvila is the up and coming ‘craft beer district’ where currently, three microbreweries reside on the same block. We visited Dois Corvos for a tasting, followed up with drinks at Musa. All the beers at Musa are named with a music theme, for example ‘Born in the IPA’ and ‘Red Zeppelin’. The other brewery is called Lince.

Dinner at the Time Out market: I’d been before and it had a lasting impression because I wanted to go again. A decent sized, upmarket food court with chairs and tables in the middle and vendors lining the walls. What makes it unique is that to be here, each vendor has been approved by Time Out panellists and therefore has a special place in the market. It’s a great place to try Lisbon delicacies prepared by Michelin Star chefs. Of course, we found it hard to go past the Asian Lab.

So there you have it, a wonderful day as a foodie in Lisbon. I’d probably suggest grabbing a pastel de nata for dessert on the walk home, because if you’re like me – one is never enough!

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