Abbey Cellars Winery


Abbey Cellars Winery (1769 Maraekakaho Road)

There is a lot of sentimental value attached to Abbey Cellars for me. My childhood home (that my family built) has the address of 1769 Maraekakaho Road, but rather than the winery it is now it used to be a horse breeding farm, known as Crianza. Over the years, all of the surrounding properties (also farms at the time) slowly sold up, and the land was converted from paddocks to growing vines. Eventually my family sold up shop also, and moved into Havelock North. It was very nostalgic visiting though; it looked like the house itself had barely changed.

On another note, Abbey Cellar is so beautiful. The winery looks like a big church, and has a lovely picnic area where you’ll frequently find live musicians over the summer. The platters and food are delicious, and they also offer this really great beer tasting (see the photo above) which came at surprisingly good value!


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