Abbey Road Cafe

Abbey Road Café (129 – 131 Acland Street, St Kilda)

Not really my kind of place, especially when visiting Australia (somewhere I perceive as having an abundance of fresh, tropical fruit) but it does what it does well. Combining generations of music (both in decoration on the walls, as well as blaring across the speakers) with hearty, home-style food it has a menu that has basically everything on it. We sat inside, and it was pretty dark and hard to hear each other over the music, but the service was pretty good and the food tasted nice as well. There is the option to sit outside, which would have been far nicer except that there was no table big enough to take us. I was impressed by the array of musical collection that they did have on the walls, but it just isn’t somewhere I would have chosen to go in sunny St Kilda.

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