Adulis (100 Tory Street)

I apologise to all the Adulis fans out there, but let’s be honest, this place is gross. The service is okay, in fact, our waiter was super lovely and I actually feel a bit bad criticising the food because of it. We ordered five different curries to share, as well as rice and injera (the national Ethiopian bread – kind of like a pancake, but with a bitter flavour). We were so unimpressed by the food that we ended up having to mash our food together so that it looked like we had eaten more than what we did, and head to the The Library for round 2 of dinner. We were the first people in the restaurant and there was no music or anything, so the ambience was a bit flat for a while, but it definitely filled up as time passed and the ambience improved significantly. Fortunately the food was really cheap (approximately $15 for a main) so we didn’t feel too hard done by, but I was extremely disappointed and won’t be going back in awhile!




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