Review: Amano

Amano (66-68 Tyler Street)

I had been recommended Amano by a friend at work who had dined there with clients, and I was not to be disappointed. I was instantly impressed by the large open space, openly divided into a number of different areas (it had a similar feel to Prefab in Wellington) which I think means that each time you sat elsewhere it would create a different kind of dining experience. There is an excessive amount of staff wandering around, ready to help and the décor is modern, wooden and floral. They have a really cool system: they take bookings for half of the restaurant only, and the other half of the restaurant functions on a first come, first served basis. Given that we visited on a Sunday morning we thought we would be in for a bit of a wait, but fortunately for the two of us we walked straight into an available table.

The menu is Italian based, with lots of pasta, seafood and meat. All of the food served is of a very high quality. Between us we sampled some of the pasta, as well as one of the chicken dishes. The portion sizes are adequate, but I would recommend that you order a side or two. The meat component of the plate was indeed very generous, but I think that without any sides the meals would feel quite small. There are lots of interesting items, for example I had a nectarine, macadamia and honey smoothie. It’s quite an expensive menu, but if you after quality food it is sure to meet any expectation.

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