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We all know that eating is one of my favourite things, and eating abroad only adds to that excitement. I am easily frustrated if I have a series of bad meals in a row, especially when it’s just bad quality and over priced. Often my day will revolve around including somewhere delicious and so I have put together a few of my faves based on my recent experience in Amsterdam.

For breakfast (or brunch) I would head to Dignita. It is located at the far end of Vondelpark from the city, so do as we did and enjoy a relaxing cycle or walk through the winding paths to get there.

Dignita serves decent coffee, as well as beautifully presented and delicious food. Prices range from about 8€ to 15€. We were there on a weekday and although it seats a decent number of people it was still busy, so I can only imagine that it must be pumping during the weekends.

Alternatively, the Avocado Show has been massively popularised in recent times by social media. Again, beautifully presented food and clever too – as every single menu item contains avocado in some shape or form. This is located in Liedlseplein, so perhaps check it out before or after you visit the Bloemenmarkt floating flower market.

Any time that you find yourself in the exquisitely quaint district of Jordaan (which you definitely will when you visit the Anne Frank museum), a visit to Winkel 43 is a must. Its breakfast menu is relatively simplistic (omelettes and paninis) and although the lunch menu has more variety, the real reason everyone goes to Winkel 43 is for the apple pie. At 5€ a piece, it is an absolute steal, and if you are not a fan of whipped cream (like me) make sure you ask for it on the side. The servings are huge – who needs lunch?! It’s a cute spot too, street front to the canal.

Dinner time calls, and so too does Foodhallen. On the other side of Vondelpark to Dignita, Foodhallen is an old tram depot converted into a dining hall. There is a huge selection of stalls and large tables with  shared seating, so as you can probably imagine the atmosphere is buzzing. The food was nice, perhaps a little over priced, but it’s a really fun experience. Handy tip: cash is not accepted, so make sure you have a card of some sort with you.

There is also lots of local Dutch food to try, including stroopwaffel, cheeses, and even fries. FEBO is a hole in the wall hot food vending machine – not somewhere I’d dine regularly but the novelty certainly appeals! The Pantry (Liedlseplein area) does good staampot – basically meat and vege. Amsterdam has a cafe culture not dissimilar to New Zealand and it’s also nice seeing the supermarket aisles laden with fresh produce.

Hopefully this list serves as a starting point for your foodie time in Amsterdam. Other places that I have heard are good include The Pancake Bakery and Moeders (for traditional Dutch fare). Good luck fellow foodies!

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