Apache (122 Wakefield Street)

When Hanoi met Paris… The cute, catchy signature line of this restaurant is one that has stayed in my mind ever since I first walked past. The inside is elegant, light and spacious. The menu is fresh and healthy, with crisp Vietnamese flavours slicing through all that is on the meals on offer. It is reasonably priced, and will serve your needs for both lunch and dinner – with an exemplary dessert menu (I’m not usually a fan of Asian desserts, but here they do a great job). The traditional Vietnamese coffee is a firm favourite and the mango/chicken/cashew salad (“Bang Bang Salad”).

Apache served an outstanding burger for WOAP 2016

I went to Apache for their Valentine’s Day set menu. It was absolutely sensational. The food and service was of such a high standard, my partner and I both felt exceptionally looked after. The entire meal was served to share (such a romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day 😉 ) which is my favourite form of eating as that way I get to try everything!

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