Review: Birdwoods Gallery

Birdwoods Gallery (298 Middle Road)

Birdwoods Gallery is a cutesie little spot just outside of Havelock North. It is such a great spot to visit when you are showing off Havelock (and the greater HB region) to visitors as it just does everything right. It used to be just a sweet shop (think old school lollies in glass jars, lining the wooden walls in a one room cottage) with an art gallery next door, but over time it has expanded to also include fresh fruit ice cream, a (very large) gift shop, a cafe and an acre or so of grounds with a pond, ducks, and numerous statues to explore.

The cafe offers  a small selection of kitchen made goods, a cabinet with some quite large, delicious cakes, tarts and slices and a drinks menu (they are fully licensed). The food is good; we found the pulled pork burger to be tasty but quite small (and not really pulled pork, but it was still yum), the artisan grilled chicken sandwich to be essentially a glorified toastie (which was still nice mind you, albeit a tad overpriced) and the beef and cauli pie to be exceptionally hearty, filling and just downright yum.

There are seating options both inside and out; it was such a beautiful day that we all opted to sit outside. There are blankets available in case the wind picks up, and the inside toilet is well worth a visit! Make sure you save some room dessert – whether it be the cabinet food, the sweet shop next door or a real fruit ice cream; you won’t be disappointed!

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