Boulcott Street Bistro

Boulcott Street Bistro (99 Boulcott Street)

I had heard so much about this cute little place before I went, and I had been dying to go for ages. Finally, I found a reason to head up there. They don’t take bookings after six, which really worked in my favour, as we were pretty disorganised about our attendance. Arriving just after 8, it was approximately a half hour wait before we could get a table. The service was great; every one was really happy to answer any questions that we had about the menu, and we didn’t feel neglected for even a moment, despite them being really busy. The place was actually bigger than I realised, basically with two separate compartments to the restaurant in addition to the bar. The place had heaps of natural lighting considering how small it was, so that added to it feeling even more spacious. The menu was pretty small (but no complaints, as everything looked sensational!) but besides a bunch of entrees and a handful of desserts, there was essentially a main course for every kind of meat (so lamb, chicken, duck, fish, pork, beef). Everything we had was cooked to absolute perfection, so it is definitely a place you could go to try something new, as you can also guarantee that it will be 10/10. There is also a voucher for it in the Entertainment Book (just to add another incentive to go!).

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