Review: Brighton Soul

Brighton Soul (129 Church Street, Brighton)

When Mum suggested Brighton Soul for brunch, I had no idea what I was in for. It was love at first sight (seriously): the place was SO cute, light and spacious; it had a delicious looking cabinet fronted by some highly inviting gingerbread men, and it had lots of people with beautifully presented plates of food in front of them.

We had to wait a few minutes for a table inside (we were not so keen to sit outside in the humidity) and we got seated out the back in an air-conditioned courtyard style room with lush plants all about.

We had to send the waitress away THREE times because every single thing on the menu looked absolutely delicious, we all suffered from some serious choice paralysis! The meals were all decently priced (ranging from $17 – $22) and the description of each meal was what you would expect in a high-end restaurant (basically a list of all the ingredients). I forced everyone into agreeing that no two people could order the same thing, which sure made people make their minds up faster!

I ordered a cold brew coffee, and discovered literally the greatest thing ever: a slice of fresh orange in a cold brew is ABSOLUTELY life-changing. The citrus flavour it injected was so refreshing and delicious – something I will most certainly implement at home!

Our meals didn’t take that long to arrive and when they did, my state of hunger was temporarily forgotten as I quickly grabbed my camera to snap all of the meals, as soon as I possibly could! My pork belly is something you would expect at a fancy restaurant; Andy’s pork banh mi and fries were hearty, fresh and well cooked; Sandy’s macro bowl was perfectly healthy and well presented; Jamie’s cliché brunch go-to absolutely hit the mark; and Mum’s, well if I didn’t know already that it was edible, I definitely would have been returning it to the garden (it was so realistic!).

I actually cannot speak highly enough of Brighton Soul. Everything about it was bang on and I know for a fact that we all left as very happy customers!

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