Brown Sugar

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Brown Sugar (106 Curlewis Street, Bondi)

Having read about Brown Sugar on TimeOut, we conveniently planned our journey here so that it coincided with us doing the beach walk from Bondi to Coogee. We were a bit unsure when to get off the bus, but a nice Aussie lad helped us and pointed us in the direction of where we should go once we got off the appropriate bus stop. Stupidly, we walked straight past Brown Sugar (despite commenting on how full this particular place was), and had to double back once we virtually got to the sand and realised we hadn’t seen it yet. We had to wait for about half an hour before we could be seated, but boy, that was a good decision. I think anything that you could have ordered would have been bang on, we all walked away very happy! The service was awesome; everyone that works there was so friendly and accommodating! Our waitress was happy to change my order after I’d ordered it, and even let me amend it further (such a difficult customer right?!).

It was a good way to start our walk, and if I could recommend anything on the menu I would say everything – but with a side of hashbrowns! Perfectly fried and so fluffy on the inside, they were such a treat.

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