Canggu was our destination number one in Bali. An up and coming hipster’s paradise it was only appropriate that there were foodie spots to follow suit. We didn’t have long in Canggu, but being our first stop, we were more than ready to fill our bellies.

First up was Canteen. We arrived on scooters and based on the number of scooters already in the car park we predicted a wait for a table. We weren’t wrong, the place was absolutely packed and we were warned there would be a 20 minute wait. We agreed to this; we had heard so much about the place we were hardly about to leave. Fortunately for us, the turnover was incredibly quick (we shouldn’t have expected any different with the incredible service that seems to be the norm) and we were seated in no time. My first morning on a tropical island meant there was no way I could look past the chia fruit bowl. I love the exciting fruit that comes with being in warmer climates – think pineapple, mango, dragonfruit and coconut to name a few. All of the breakfasts that were served to us were extremely tasty, and sadly we were out of there in no time.

They say you can’t visit Canggu without a visit to Old Man’s, and I have to admit, I think whoever ‘they’ are, they know exactly what they are talking about. This iconic beach bar is perched so close to the ocean, separated only by the car-park that it overlooks. It seems to be open (almost) round the clock, it is extremely spacious and it has a very extensive menu offering both Western and local options. It isn’t cheap, but it’s certainly fun. There is a stack of seating options both indoors and out, including picnic tables, cushy seats and bar stools. With live music and other various events throughout the week Old Man’s has something for everyone. While you may pay a dollar or two more than what you would elsewhere, at least you know it’s going to be good.

The third and final gemstone we discovered in Canggu was Crate. Located on the main road (as is Old Man’s), Crate exists as a rather inconspicuous little institution which serves up absolutely fantastic food to visitors who come far and wide to eat here (I know this is true because we counted six different countries on the business cards people had scattered underneath our glass table alone).

After making your order downstairs (allow yourself time to appreciate the quirky and clever names of some of the dishes) either take a seat or climb the steep staircase past the rack of merchandise to the second storey. With outstanding views of the street below and the nearby surrounds, this is my pick of seating. The meals were absolutely outstanding – fresh, healthy and decent sized portions (something we were yet to discover as a rare occurrence in Bali). There were a huge number of vegan and vegetarian options available also. Crate would easily have been one of my top 5 eateries while I was in Bali.



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