Chocolate Fish



Chocolate Fish  (100 Shelly Bay Road)

A Wellington icon, famed for its seafood barbecuing and family friendly picnic area, this place is certainly popular on any hint of a summer’s day. It has an extensive array of fresh seafood (and other meats/vegetarian options) sandwiches on the menu, which are cooked on a barbecue overlooking the water. If it’s your first time, I would recommend going simple – the fresh fish sandwich is to die for. The smoothies are delicious, and I always have trouble choosing from all the yummy cakes and slices that cover the front counter. There is no end to the places where you can sit; I tend to choose based on whether I want to be inside or outside and whether I want to be surrounded by children or not (there is an extensive play area). The food is well-priced and good quality.

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