Coffee with a side of cake

A Double Brown from Black Coffee

For a suburb that is actually pretty small, Newtown sure knows how to put up a good brew. Add a sweet treat to that and you’ll find me a very happy customer. Here are some of my favourites:

Minimalist atmosphere and some of Wellington’s finest baristas. Coffee-wise, it is fair-trade and always delicious. The food is simple, but is well executed; think pastries, toast and cookies. You can also buy loaves of bread if you are there early. The place is usually bustling and it is one of my favourite places for dog spotting.

Okay so maybe Frank’s is technically in Mount Cook, but it so delicious that the (small) walk is entirely worth it. Another establishment that adopts the minimalist approach, with a little emphasis on donuts. Frank’s serves some of my favourite donuts in town, they do ’em good. Personal favourite = pistachio and nutella. Frank’s has its flagship on The Terrace (which also has a brunch menu).

If you haven’t been, I recommend you get here ASAP because you are going to wish you had been here sooner! That is exactly how I felt, this funky little cafe with some kick-ass brownie, artwork and even a pin-ball machine makes for a very cool hang-out. They are also known for their delicious toasties and if you want to spend some time here, indulge in the book swap they have going on too. Unlike some of the other places in Newtown, it is way less crowded and hectic so it makes for a really good escape. PS. definitely try the Double Brown – a long black with a shot of chocolate yaaaaas!

Pretty in pink certainly, but also a delicious pastry or five. There are a number of sweet treats to choose from (as well as a few savoury) as well as coffee and a few other goodies. It is teeny tiny, so unless you get lucky with one of the tables it might be a better option for takeaway treats. Highly recommend the almond croissants!

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