Comes and Goes

Comes and Goes (259 Jackson Street, Petone)

This place is an absolute must-visit for anyone that visits Wellington. It is in Petone, so having a car is ideal, but you could definitely tie it into other reasons for visiting Petone (taking a walk to Butterfly Creek afterwards for example, which is exactly what we did!).

I had been seeing photos of the food on my Instagram for months now, and still hadn’t made it out there to eat. When my mum and aunty came down, we decided it was the perfect excuse. The weather could have been better, and it meant that Comes and Goes itself was pretty busy as everyone was opting to be inside. It was okay though, we put our names on the wait list (approx 30 min – annoying, but a good sign of what was to come) and had a meander down Jackson Street.

We were seated at a big round table by the window and were presented with menus. Instantly we were in awe. We could see plates of food being carried to tables around us, and spend probably the first ten minutes trying to identify what they were all were. We wanted to order a range of meals, so it took a bit of deliberation before we finally decided.

Not a single person was disappointed with their decision. “The Nest” is probably their most photographed dish, for the reason that it is so incredibly unique (and quaint), and we just had to order two of those for trying. I ordered the Pork Belly Benedict, and the waffles and chia seed pudding were also ordered; everything was so beautifully presented, and then tasted almost as good. Portion sizes were generous, and there were so many vegan and vegetarian options. The best new place I’ve eaten at in a while! Overall: Presentation = 10/10, Taste = 8/10, Service = 9/10 and Prices = 9/10. Nailed it.

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