Corelli’s (46 Victoria Road, Devonport)

Recommended to us by our Air BnB host, we went to Corelli’s on our very first night in Devonport. We knew it was going to be good by the amount of people that were inside after 9pm (which is about when we arrived). The menu was pretty standard and cheap, but it covered all bases, and we just put our faith into our Air BnB host that it was going to be good. I ordered a chickpea quinoa curry (get some health into me!) and it was so delicious – filling, warming, tasty and the seedy salad was a hit with my inner health freak as well. We also got pizza and fries, and there were so many fries that we could have fed the table next to us! It left us feeling too full for dessert, however the cabinet was packed with scrumptious goodies (a mixture of classic + healthy treats). We walked past it in the days to come many times, and every time we went past it was always buzzing. Would definitely recommend!

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