Review: Deluxe Diner

Deluxe Diner (36 Leach Street)

This place was SO in theme, something we noticed from the moment we arrived. There was literally drive in angled parking right outside the restaurant, waitresses dressed accordingly, booth seating, monster meals and checked patterns everywhere. We felt very much like we were in the US of A – the place was appropriately tacky and authentic.

We got told that we could have a table for two, but that we should expect a wait of at least 45 minutes for food. We  were in no hurry, so the wait was fine – although they certainly weren’t exaggerating. For a place as big as what it was, it didn’t seem like it was at capacity – yet the staff all looked frantic and absolutely run off their feet. We ordered a shake and cokes to help pass the time by; the shake was yum, just your classic cold chocolate creaminess in a metal cup. We saw food going out all around us – it was mostly burgers, fries, steaks, ribs and sundaes. Everything was HUGE.

I’m pretty sure 45 minutes came and went before we actually got our food. We didn’t mind too much; it meant that we had regained our appetites post-shake. And boy, did we need it! The meals were honestly some of the biggest I had ever seen. Immediately I got rid of one my buns, because I just knew that I wasn’t going to fit it in me otherwise. Even still, I barely made a dent in the ol’ curly fries, and not even Andy could polish them off. The burgers were both delicious, as were the fries. We were a little bit disappointed that we were actually so full that we couldn’t muster the courage to order a sundae (not even one between two!) because we had been watching the girls next to us make them and they were so extravagant and over the top; they were like meals in themselves.

Overall, the meal was a good one. It was a bit of a pity about the slow service – I think if it had been packed out we might have understood, but the fact was they were really just serving up the same types of food, I would have thought they would be far quicker than what they were. Definitely one of the best American diner experiences I have had though!





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