Dinner in the southern ‘burbs

Living out of town means that when it comes to eating out, heading into the city for dinner isn’t always my favourite plan. Thankfully there are more than enough yummy options in the southern suburbs, meaning I never have to go far. Beyond Newtown (read about some of those delicious options here), here are some of my other favourites:

Oikos: my favourite, I think. Owned by those behind the Greek Food Truck, Oikos is tucked away right out by the airport. Don’t doubt the menu; the flavours of the food retain parts of the authentic Hellenic cuisine, while at the same time giving it a modern, sophisticated twist. With food best eaten shared (my favourite!), Oikos sits in a cool modern space that I would typically associate with some of my favourite brunch spots, so it was neat to experience that same vibe over an evening meal. The wait staff are great; always happy to provide us with suggestions and recommendations based on preferences.

La Boca Loca: Mexican is always a bit of fun and La Boca Loca is no exception. With plenty of street parking and a massive interior, La Boca Loca is a spot I frequent often when I decide last minute I want to go out for dinner or if I plan on watching a movie at the nearby Roxy Cinema afterwards. The place is bright, colourful and appropriately packed with Mexican knick-knacks. The menu is more wholesome than other Mexican I’ve experienced; it feels healthy and it is also a substantive meal – rather than just tapas.

Bambuchi: Hataitai is hardly over-run with delicious restaurant options, but Bambuchi is doing its best to change that. It is pretty small and easy to miss, except for its neon green sign outside. It serves both brunch and dinner, as well as a pop-up pizzeria on Sunday evenings. The food is designed for sharing (approximately two dishes per person) and although it could be a few dollars cheaper, it is hard to fault the quality of the food. The outdoor patio is glorious on a sunny day.

The Botanist: Yummy, fresh and healthy – what more could a gal like me possibly want? In what looks like a refurbished cottage, the Botanist sure has a lot going on – patterned floors, lots of (fake) greenery and also a wall of (fake) bricks. It is light and spacious with a nice courtyard area out back. What makes it unique? The ENTIRE menu is vegetarian. I’m not opposed to eating vegetarian but it is strange to have that choice taken from me. The food there has always been delicious although I must admit that I am yet to try the ‘facon’ (fake bacon). Great spot for both brunch and dinner.

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